From the day we started our company in 1996, taking care of and protecting our clients, staff and community has been our top priority. Over the past few weeks, all of our lives have been impacted by the spread of the novel coronavirus. To make it easy and safe for new accident injury victims, we will be more than happy to meet with you or a family member at your residence, place of business or speak with you over the phone. From our family to yours, stay safe and healthy.

Petersen Johnson Fees and Pricing

Surely you’ve heard and seen advertising for personal injury attorneys announcing that they “won’t get paid until you get paid.” That’s pretty standard in the industry, but what ISN’T standard in the industry is how much Petersen Johnson charges you.

It’s true we work on a contingency fee, which means we only receive payment if we successfully collect for you. However, while most firms in Arizona charge 33.33% of the total sum collected, we only charge 25% if your case does not require litigation (the filing of a lawsuit). Many cases are settled out of court through our negotiations with insurance companies. This not only save you time but impacts your bottom line by putting more money into your pocket due to our reduced fees. This is extra money that you can use for living expenses such as groceries, gas, and personal needs for your family.

We even pay up front to obtain medical records, bills, police reports, and for photocopies and postage so you don’t have to worry about it. This is something you shouldn’t have to worry about, and you won’t. Our fees are calculated on the total sum collected and before these costs are deducted, but they aren’t fees you will need to pay up front.

Because we make it so easy for you, is there really anything stopping you from calling us now?