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Petersen Johnson’s founding partners, Ron Petersen and Brad Johnson, built their firm on the idea that attorneys should show their clients compassion and commitment from the very beginning. That means going above and beyond what is expected in every case.

At Petersen Johnson, this includes meeting accident injury victims within two hours of the initial call, finding medical providers who will wait to charge for services, and offering clients a 25 percent discount on attorney fees.

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An Arizona
Tradition for 20 Years

Ron and Brad had the opportunity to form Petersen Johnson in 1996, after working together at the Phoenix office of a national firm. To stand out and build a lasting impression on potential clients, the partners created a memorable mascot and jingle for their brand.

The bulldog mascot represents what Petersen Johnson is about in a simple icon: the strength of a large firm with the heart and compassion of a small one. The jingle, which has been imitated by many other firms in the last 20 years, was the first of its kind and has been a tradition at Petersen Johnson since the beginning.


Our Values and Mission

Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating, as it sometimes seems the accident injury victim’s best interests are not always considered. This is why people hire lawyers for personal injury cases.

Our mission is to provide quality legal services to people who have been injured in accidents. While that may sound simple, providing “quality legal services” is the difference between us and many other personal injury attorneys in Phoenix. When you work with Petersen Johnson, the sometimes difficult legal process becomes as simple and “human” as possible.

With the strength of a large firm and the heart and attention of a small one, we run our business with honesty, integrity and a “how can we help you” attitude. To us, you are not just another claim. We truly care about helping each one of our clients. In every case we take on, our efforts are driven by our values:



We understand most people feel lawyers are not very accommodating. If you are injured in an accident and we believe we can help you, we commit to getting you in front of a lawyer within two hours. You can come to our office or we will come to you, wherever you are in the Phoenix area.



One of the biggets complaints people have about personal injury law firms is the attorneys “never return my phone calls.” We make every effort to return all phone calls the same day. You will hear back from us the same day or the next day 90 percent of the time.



Many people are under the impression that lawyers do not always keep clients informed during the process. We take extra time at the beginning of your case to explain exactly what the process will be and make sure you understand what to expect.

We also keep you informed as the process unfolds. We are happy to advise you on the best course of action, but will always provide all the information you need to make the right choice for you.

With decades of experience

focusing on accident injury and personal injury claims, the attorneys at Petersen Johnson know how to protect clients and their rights from insurance companies looking to make the minimum settlement. If you are injured in an accident, contact us right away for a free consultation and see how Petersen Johnson’s commitment to its clients can ensure you get what you deserve.

Personal Injury Litigation in Arizona

At Petersen Johnson, we have significant experience with personal injury litigation- our track record with previous clients displays our level of comfort with negotiating settlements or fighting in court.

If you need to file a personal injury claim against a person responsible for injuries you sustained in an accident, it is important to understand the process of litigation. There are many different stages involved in litigating a case in Arizona and you may be eligible to accept a settlement offer at any point during these stages. A settlement offer is typically presented by the insurance company or the attorneys representing the negligent parties in the lawsuit.

A settlement offer should always be carefully reviewed by a Phoenix, Arizona injury attorney. A lawyer specialized in personal injury can tell you more about when it makes sense to accept a settlement offer versus preparing comprehensively for trial. In some situations, personal injury claims cannot be resolved without resorting to litigation.

The litigation process can be time consuming and complex. It may also be confusing if you do not have the help of a Phoenix, Arizona attorney. There are several different phases in most personal injury claims in Arizona, including the filing of the complaint, discovery, and trial.

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